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At  edit, botox is priced with a ‘per unit’ structure in order to ensure every client receives the most personalized service at exactly what they pay for. However, understanding what that means in terms of your budget and bill can be intimidating! 

Average units per area for most commonly treated Botox regions

Forehead Botox Area Average Unit Price Spacing

10-24 units

Elevens, Glabella Botox Area Average Unit Price Spacing

12-20 units

Crows Feet Eye Crease Botox Area Average Unit Price Spacing

Crow's Feet
12-24 units

The price ranges listed are averages and will vary based on each individual’s aesthetic goals. The above regions are the areas most commonly performed, however, there are many locations that may benefit from botox treatment - both for cosmetic and wellness purposes. Consult with your edit provider on how Botox may be an option to help you feel like the most youthful, energized, beautiful version of you!


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