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hands & feet.

Exfoliating, Hot Oil, Massage with Paraffin Treatment $45

Service is approximately 45 minutes. Clients can choose area for treatment (arms/ hands OR legs/ feet). Lotion and oil massage followed by hot towels. Paraffin treatment to follow. Eases pain and stiffness, improves skin elasticity, moisturizes and soothes skin.

Also available:

  • Paraffin treatment only - Hands OR feet - $15

Hand Peel $45

Each hand peel is formulated with 20% Trichloroacetic Acid, 10% Lactic Acid, and 0.5% Kojic Acid.  edit's hand peels minimize the appearance of fine lines, small scares and coarse wrinkles while giving an immediate brightening effect for younger looking hands. 

  • Reduces appearance of dark spots

  • Improves appearance of fine lines, scars and wrinkles

  • Brightens skin

  • Improves skin texture, tone and smoothness

Hand Peel
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