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Kris Haase

Dr Kris Haase. Medical Director, Owner. Injector of Botox and Dermal Filler

Dr. Haase is an active podiatric physician and surgeon, with a well-established private practice in Waterford, MI. Dr. Haase grew up in neighboring West Bloomfield, and graduated from West Bloomfield high school in 1981. He was a regular on the high school track team, and was very involved in little league baseball. During his teenage years he developed a strong interest in drawing, even taking after school portrait drawing classes. For a time, he considered pursuing art as a career. The only thing holding him back was his equally strong passion for science.


Dr. Haase attended Michigan State University, pursuing a pre-med curriculum, while also taking many drawing classes focused on the human form and anatomy. While at MSU, Dr. Haase loved his daily runs around campus. “Running became my personal time to refresh, unwind, and concentrate .” Running also is what led him to a podiatrist for the first time. Having some persistent foot/ankle pain, he was referred to a local DPM. “ I was so impressed with the depth of his knowledge regarding the anatomy and function of the lower extremity.” After graduating from MSU with a bachelor’s degree in human physiology, he went on to attend Podiatry School in Chicago. Dr. Haase thrived in podiatry school, graduating magna cum laude. While there, he was chosen as a TA in the cadaver dissection lab, and worked with the admissions office mentoring new students. Between his 3rd, and 4th year of school, Dr. Haase married his MSU sweetheart, Renee.

After graduating, Dr Haase pursued an intense surgical residency program in Milwaukee, WI where he completed over 700 surgical procedures of the foot and ankle. Dr. Haase then started his practice in Waterford, MI in 1995, where he and his wife lived and raised their two daughters. They love being active outdoors, regularly embarking on 70-100 mile bike rides throughout our beautiful state. Dr. and Mrs. Haase now reside in Clarkston, MI.

Dr. Haase states he thrilled to extend his learning, understanding, and technical skills to the practice of medical aesthetics. “I feel like this is a perfect merging of my passion for artistry and the human form, with my intense desire to improve people's health, confidence, and wellbeing.”

Dr. Kris Haase
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Madison Martin

Maddi RN BSN Nurse Injector, Owner. Injector of Botox and Dermal Filler, chemical peels, spray tans

Madison is a registered nurse with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and a Master’s of Science in Nursing from Walden University. Throughout her undergraduate experience, she was a member of the Michigan Dance Team and later voted senior captain. Following nursing school, she worked in cardiac/telemetry and intensive care. She then moved to a position working in outpatient surgery while obtaining her master’s degree; and has since transitioned into a supervisory role as the pre-op/post-op coordinator. Madison believes the trajectory of her nursing career in addition to her long-time relationship to dance has led to her interest in medical aesthetics.


In the ICU, Madison became skilled in critical care medicine, the systems of the human body, and disease process and treatment. This was a challenging experience, inclusive of juggling priorities, night-shift exhaustion, fast yet consequential decision-making, and coping with devastating, uncompromising outcomes alongside patients and their loved ones. She describes her time in the ICU as enlightening, but mentally and emotionally draining, as she grew tired of feeling somewhat helpless in caring for the suffering. This impelled her decision to move to the outpatient surgery sector. She felt new rejuvenation in the ability to care for healthy patients seeking to fix a minor problem or improve a specific part of themselves. Madison realized the depth of reward that came with her care for patients undergoing plastic surgeries. It was a huge shift from her prior nursing affairs, where she got to see immediate, positive results in patients that were thrilled at the opportunity to improve their self-image.

Additionally, Madison’s dedication to the sport of dance over the course of 20 years has shaped her appreciation of artistry, creativity, and the beauty of the human body. The success of a dancer is heavily influenced by his/her appearance - particularly the individual’s confidence in their own appearance. Self-image can either propel the dancer to greatness or cripple them to doubt and failure.

Madison’s progression through these life experiences has driven her interest in a career that encourages people to become their best selves; to normalize the desire to improve your appearance and narrow the gap between what you feel like on the inside to how you look on the outside. Cue her attraction to medical aesthetics, beauty, and wellness, and her enthusiasm to embark on the journey of edit. with her family.

Madison Martin
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Lexi Haase


Lexi is a licensed esthetician and certified lash and makeup artist. She attended Michigan State University, graduating with a major in Communications and a minor in Entrepreneurship. She has always been interested in an artistic, creative career, as this is what she excelled at growing up. She modeled for a friend going through makeup school, and knew right then that she had found her niche.


During her years at MSU, she managed to graduate a semester early and attend the all encompassing masters program at Multimedia Makeup Academy. There, she was taught all types of makeup applications including: Bridal, Runway, Media, Avant Garde, and Special Effects. Using artistry to emphasize beauty, she was able to see how just a little makeup could yield such powerful results. She learned that how people see themselves can have an astronomical effect on how they feel and therefore, how they attack life. She wanted to center her career around making people look and feel their best. She started assisting on wedding makeup and quickly moved to booking parties on her own. As many weddings would fill her weekends, she began working as the front desk coordinator at a salon part-time during the week. This position exposed her to inventory management, appointment booking systems and software, email and social media marketing, and new beauty trends and services. She was able to simultaneously work and study, and eventually obtained licensure as an esthetician.

Lexi knows how to achieve any client's goal - be it a stunning bride or a scary Bride of Frankenstein. Whatever your goal, Lexi can make you shine. She wants you to be as glamorous or as gruesome as you want to be!


She currently works as a medical assistant at her father’s podiatry practice while juggling a freelancing beauty business. Through her role as a medical assistant, she has gained experience in patient care, charting, medical procedures and treatment routines, and the responsibilities associated with maintaining a busy office. She has continued to offer beauty services out of empty treatment rooms of the podiatry office. Not only would she fit in clients before, after, and between patient-packed days, but would also book up her weekends traveling on location for wedding makeup and driving up to MSU to spend full days of waxing and lashing for her fellow Spartans.

Lexi is passionate about promoting beauty as a form of empowerment, and is overjoyed to do what she loves alongside her family, whom she admires most!

Lexi Haase
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Renee Haase 
permanent makeup artist/spray tanning expert

Renee, Spray Tan Artist

Art and creativity has always been Renee's passion. She graduated from MSU with a degree in advertising and commercial art. After college, she worked for a number of ad agencies in Chicago.

She married Kris while he was in his third year of medical school. Once he finished his degree, they moved back to Michigan to start their lives together in Waterford.

Once Renee had her two girls, she left the traditional workforce and started painting and crafting clothes, accessories and decor for them. This eventually turned into a business for Renee which lasted 20+ years. She spent weekends exhibiting and selling her creations in regional art shows.

As stated previously, Renee puts her artistic skills to work on a daily basis with her application of permanent make up - like lip blushing.


Her painting experience has provided her with an eye for detail which makes her the perfect person to lead our spray tanning services.

Mrs Haase
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