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Bummer that our outer shell broadcasts the physical aging process for all to see, while inside - our spirit, intellect, life experience, is  energetic, youthful, and blooming to the fullest extent ...

The answer: a simple edit to re-sync your inner and outer self 😉

Your face is one of the most exposed parts of your body, and one of the first areas to show signs of aging or environmental stress, so it is super important to take excellent care of it! From daily washing and sunscreen application, to in-person spa services, our skin is a big investment. edit offers a variety of facials to provide deep cleansing, remove impurities, stimulate blood flow, clean out pores, decrease puffiness, and add ample hydration. edit’s newest addition to the facial service menu is Dermaplaning. This is a budget friendly service that uses a scalpel to scrape / shave off peach fuzz and dead skin cells. Removing that top built-up layer of skin reveals a brighter, smoother texture and helps skin care products penetrate and treat more effectively. It requires zero down time, and many people love it for the way makeup sits afterward; foundation and powders no longer cling to peach fuzz, exposing smooth and radiant skin. We offer a $15 add on of a micropeel for an extra punch of exfoliation!

 It’s all about protection and prevention… your skin care routine does not have to be 10 steps, and your budget doesn’t have to include a trip to the spa every other week, BUT daily sunscreen application and trips to edit for maintenance can make the world of a difference. With warm sunny weather approaching (for those heading on spring breaks) or hopefully for us staying here, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of SUNSCREEN!! Unfortunately, having it in your foundation is not enough, you need that extra step of applying a SPF 30 or higher before you start your day. Many people miss this step, yet spend hundreds of dollars monthly on skin care products and treatments to aid in anti aging and brightening pigmentation, when sunscreen is your best friend for those two very things!! Skip the sun bathing and tanning booths and come to edit for your bronzy, spray tan. Only $30ea ($25ea with a package of 5) your skin is even, illuminating, and non-damaged. Our spray tans are done by a technician, guaranteeing that every single spot is bronzed and contoured. 

Our skin has been aging since the day we are born. On the contrary; our brain, intellect, life experience, emotional intelligence, inner strength continues to grow and improve.   There is a disconnect.  We show outward sings of aging while our inside self is thriving.  The answer: a simple edit.

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