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Help! My False Eyelashes are Stuck to My Finger!

Been there, done that. There are two simple things you can do to avoid this issue. First, ask Lexi, our aesthetician for a lash perm or tint in order to maximize the look of the lashes you have, or ask her about lash extensions. Second, follow these simple steps when putting on your false eyelashes the next time:

  1. Get your supplies in order: false lashes, tweezers and lash adhesive.

  2. Trim the eyelash strips to the best size for your eyes. Note, you can use a few lashes at the outer rim of your eyes or a whole lash.

  3. Apply your lash glue carefully. Don't glob the glue on the lash and stick it on, instead let the glue dry at bit - 30 seconds should do it. The glue should feel tacky and not wet. Allure magazine suggests that you bend the strip of eyelashes to make the ends "kiss," which will distribute the adhesive onto the ends so they won't lift while you're wearing them.

  4. When applying the lashes, look DOWN into your mirror, not straight ahead. By looking down at the mirror, it's so much easier to see where the best placement for the lash will be.

  5. Cover the strip's band with eyeliner.

  6. Admire your work!

  7. When you take your lashes off at night, stick them around a curling iron to keep the arc in the lashes strong.

Again, if this sounds like too much work for you to do, Lexi at edit. will be glad to perm and tint your lashes or even add lash extensions for you. What's nice about this approach is you don't have to do anything to get ready for your day/night out but apply some blush and lip gloss. Your lashes will already be perfect!

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