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Maintain a Beautiful Holiday Glow - 3 easy steps

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

There are typical day-to-day stressors that affect the way we look. Family, work, caregiving each take its tole on our sleep, diet, exercise patterns and skin-care regimens. Once one of these stressors affect you it's easy for the others to topple like a row of dominos.

Holiday planning just exacerbates the problem. edit's best advice for you in maintaining your glow is easy:

1) Make sure your sleep pattern isn't disrupted. Go to bed at at your regular time and awake at your regular time. If you have problems quieting your mind try the Headspace app it has guided meditations to quiet your mind and help you fall asleep easily and effortlessly. No way to stick to a regular schedule? Try cat naps. (Headspace works there too.)

2) Make sure you're eating your fruits and veggies. We know how easy it is to grab that cookie or nutbread. Eating too many carbs will bloat your belly as well as make your skin puffy. Decide to eat healthfully 75% of the time during the holidays instead of 100% of the time. This way you won't feel cheated.

3) Stick to your skin and exercise regimens. These are gifts you give yourself. So keep them up. You'll feel better physically and your face will radiate your happiness. Can't make it 100%? Shoot for 75% of the time.

Cheers to you and yours. May you have the best this holiday season, from your friends at edit.

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