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Needing a little brightening up?

Airbrush spray tanning is a safe, UV-free option to maintain a healthy glow all year-round. In comparison to a spray tan booth, airbrush tanning done by a qualified technician is precise, client-centered, and done with high quality product to ensure natural-looking, optimal results.

If people only knew the power of a good spray tan....  it's basically body foundation over every little mark, bump, or imperfection you may be seeing.

Everything you need to know - 

Come showered, shaved and exfoliated, with no perfumes, deodorants, or lotions on your body. Wear loose, dark clothing and keep in mind that jewelry should be removed.

The artificial tan immediately appears on the skin surface and will continue to darken over 24 hours. Once the darkening effect has occurred, the tan will become waterproof and will fade gradually over 5-10 days in conjunction with the skins natural exfoliation process. Prolonged water submersion or heavy perspiration can lighten the tan.

After care:Do not shower for 8 hours. First shower after spray tan should be a rinse using lukewarm water and no shampoo or body wash to keep pigment sealed in. Shower water will appear brown, which is completely normal, this is the cosmetic bronzer washing off. Once the water runs clear, pat dry and apply moisturizer immediately.

The more diligently you apply moisturizer in the days following the spray tan, the longer the tan will last, and the more evenly it will fade. Morning and night we recommend using a thick body moisturizer all over and throughout the day and stay as hydrated as possible.

Do not use products that exfoliate the skin like:ScrubsLoofahsWashclothsToners

The face is the first place a spray tan starts to fade. Wash face with a gentle cleanser and apply moisturizer often. Stay away from active, exfoliating ingredients such as Retinals (Vitamin A), Vitamin C, and Glycolic Acid.

FEBRUARY is a great time for SELF CARE ... 

How about another service to brighten these dull days?


Our bums get neglected and sometimes they need some TLC, what better time than now to treat yourself to an exfoliating and hydrating booty facial! Get that beach bum looking exquisite just in time for that new bikini on spring break or the lingerie you bought for your Valentine's night in *😉

We want you all feeling glowy, bright, and your MOST confident!

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