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The truth about lash extensions...

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

  • Getting lash extensions is dangerous and harmful to your natural lashes - FALSE

When done correctly, eyelash extensions are completely safe for your natural lashes.

When applied in the right way - without excessive adhesive, with proper isolation, proper

placement, and with the knowledge of what your natural lash can hold - the extension

eventually grows out through the natural shedding process of your lashes.

  • You need to take a break and not constantly keep them up - FALSE

You never really need to take a break from extensions if they are being applied properly.

Our clients lash health is top priority. Since the extension grows out with our natural lash,

and grown out lashes are replaced with new ones at a fill appointment, your natural lash

will remain healthy and on it's normal shedding cycle, meaning you can enjoy your

extensions for as long as you want! *BONUS - lash growth serums do not effect the

longevity of the extensions, so they can be used in cases where a client may want more

length or volume!

  • They are uncomfortable and irritating - FALSE

Lash extensions sit on top of the root of your natural lash. Besides getting twisted or

unruly in the morning... a quick, gentle brush through in the morning with a spoolie is all

that's needed. Since they are completely customizable - different lenghts, thickenesses

and curls can be used to not only to achieve your desired look, but also for your comfort.

We carry diffefrent adhesives as well for anyone that may have specific sensitivites.

  • You cannot get them wet or work out - FALSE

You can definitley work out and get your lashes wet, you just have to wait roughly 24

hours after your appointments to ensure that the adhesive has fully cured. Rinsing with

water can help remove any dust, makeup, and oil build up and is good for your lash

extensions. After a workout it is reccomended to clean your lashes and eyelid with a

gentle cleanser and water to extend the retention of your lashes.

  • They're impossible to get off - FALSE

Decided you don't want them anymore? No problem, either let them shed naturally or

come in to let the remover soak them off and leave with clean, healthy, lashes!

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