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Updated: Oct 19, 2022

  • Getting lash extensions is dangerous and harmful to your natural lashes - FALSE

When done correctly, eyelash extensions are completely safe for your natural lashes.

When applied in the right way - without excessive adhesive, with proper isolation, proper

placement, and with the knowledge of what your natural lash can hold - the extension

eventually grows out through the natural shedding process of your lashes.

  • You need to take a break and not constantly keep them up - FALSE

You never really need to take a break from extensions if they are being applied properly.

Our clients lash health is top priority. Since the extension grows out with our natural lash,

and grown out lashes are replaced with new ones at a fill appointment, your natural lash

will remain healthy and on it's normal shedding cycle, meaning you can enjoy your

extensions for as long as you want! *BONUS - lash growth serums do not effect the

longevity of the extensions, so they can be used in cases where a client may want more

length or volume!

  • They are uncomfortable and irritating - FALSE

Lash extensions sit on top of the root of your natural lash. Besides getting twisted or

unruly in the morning... a quick, gentle brush through in the morning with a spoolie is all

that's needed. Since they are completely customizable - different lenghts, thickenesses

and curls can be used to not only to achieve your desired look, but also for your comfort.

We carry diffefrent adhesives as well for anyone that may have specific sensitivites.

  • You cannot get them wet or work out - FALSE

You can definitley work out and get your lashes wet, you just have to wait roughly 24

hours after your appointments to ensure that the adhesive has fully cured. Rinsing with

water can help remove any dust, makeup, and oil build up and is good for your lash

extensions. After a workout it is reccomended to clean your lashes and eyelid with a

gentle cleanser and water to extend the retention of your lashes.

  • They're impossible to get off - FALSE

Decided you don't want them anymore? No problem, either let them shed naturally or

come in to let the remover soak them off and leave with clean, healthy, lashes!

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Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Chemical peels are essential in sustaining and restoring skin health. They help remove damaged skin cells, allowing healthy skin to take its place.

Each procedure is non-invasive and formulated with active chemical exfoliants that help restore skin surface and appearance.

Peels effectively speed up the process of cellular turnover by shedding the top layer of dead surface cells using potent acids to target certain skin concerns, revealing brighter, smoother and renewed skin underneath.


  • Mandelic Acid 40% - Formulated for redness-prone, sensitive and reactive skin.

  • Glycolic Acid 30% - Reduction in the visible signs or aging: fine lines, wrinkles, and photo damage.

  • Salicylic Acid 30% - Visibly reduce the appearance of mild to severe acne prone skin while improving skin clarity, texture and tone.

  • Eye and Lip Peel (15% Lactic Acid, 3.75% Trichloroacetic Acid) - Visibly improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and crows feet.

  • Hand Peel (25% Trichloroacetic Acid, 10% Lactic Acid, 5% Kojic Acid)- Formulated to minimize the appearance of fine lines, small scars, dark spots, thin skin, and coarse wrinkles, while giving an immediate brightening effect for younger looking hands.

  • Pyruvic Acid 50% - Decrease the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and other premature signs of aging. Pyruvic Acid visibly reduces acne blemishes while minimizing pore size, lessening the appearance of dark spots and improving skin tone, texture and smoothness.

  • Trichloroacetic Acid Blend Peel - Medium depth peel with concentrated acid penetration to target stubborn sun spots, improve texture, and promote skin resurfacing with moderate downtime.

It is required for each peel to be done in a series of 3, at 2 week intervals, for optimal result. Each series is customizable depending on what's best for your skin. It is important to maintain this chemical exfoliation of the skin and we recomend after your first series to upkeep the peels by getting one every 6-8 weeks, OR coming for a series of 3 each season change.

*Want to learn more? Stop into edit and we can discuss what treatment would be best for you and your skin!

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Updated: Oct 19, 2022

We all want to treat ourselves to that fancy treatment at the spa, then have the results last without much upkeep at home. We get it, but services can only do so much if they aren't enforced with anything outside of the spa. Paying to get facials, chemical peels and injectables, but then not putting sunscreen on, washing your face, or replenishing moisture into the skin, just doesn't work and frankly is wasting your money. Yes, there are simple home routines and very complicated, layered ones, but do yourself a favor and do something rather than nothing. Tired of aimlessly wandering through Sephora or Ulta, picking up eye-catching products based on their pretty packaging or recognition of an influencer naming it a “must have”? Let me break something to you, the best stuff out there doesn’t always have a divine fragrance, fancy packaging, luxurious consistency, crystal or gold flaked additives, or a pretty color... There is not one holy grail routine that works for all, but we CAN diminish some of the confusion and overwhelming stress of wanting to do good for your skin, but just not knowing how. Let us put you onto Glytone and Avene. These are medical grade skin care brands that have options for just about everyone, and every step in a skincare routine - not to mention they are extremely affordable. At the bare minimum, you should be washing your face twice a day, putting on sunscreen in the morning, and applying a type of serum / moisturizer to hydrate and target any skin concerns you may have. Retinol is a great addition to your routine as it is brightening, firming, plumping and anti aging - doesn’t really get better than that.

*Come in and see us or call us! We would LOVE to talk about your skin, help suggest what’s best for you, and walk you through exactly how to use it!*


  • Retrinal Intensive .1% Cream- A gentle vitamin A made with powerful peptides $65 *your nightly holy grail

  • Retrinal Eye Cream- Nourishing, smoothing, and brightening the delicate skin around your eyes $45

  • Retrinal Serum - Plant based vitamin A alternative, in a lightweight, plumping, serum suitable for morning AND night $74

  • Micro-Peel Serums- At home, treatment serums, formulated with potent active acids to visibly transform the skin $74

  • A-Oxitive Serum- Neutralizes free radicals caused from the sun. Preserves a youthful complexion and provides 24 hour hydration $40 *your light-weight morning moisture

  • Blemish Control Kit- Highly effective, comprehensive routine to help visibly clarify blemish-prone skin. Use regularly for long-lasting results and a visibly clearer complexion $28

  • Cicalfate Restoring Cream - Rich, nourishing cream, infused with postbiotic restorative ingredient, helps protect skin from external aggressors while maintaining proper hydration for optimal skin restoration. Safe for infants, children and adults. Ultra healing and good on scars and burns $28

  • Cicalfate Hydrating Recovery Emulsion - Instant cooling sensation morning AND night lightweight moisturizer for 24 hour hydration $34

  • Thermal Spring Water- bottled directly at the source and packaged in a sterile environment for guaranteed purity. Its composition is clinically shown to soothe, soften and calm sensitive skin. *your multiple times a day skin refresher $18

  • Brightening Complex- Visibly improve the appearance of dull skin and unwanted dark spots for a more even, radiant tone. This lightweight face cream provides instant hydration while brightening the skin and evening complexion. Can be used morning and night $70

  • Rejuvenating Mini Peel Gel- Exfoliate and retexturize while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for smoother, younger looking skin. This rejuvenating peel gel is the perfect boost to any at-home regimen $65

  • Thermal Spring Water- A unique thermal water spray is bottled directly at the source and packaged in a sterile environment for guaranteed purity. Its composition is clinically shown to soothe, soften and calm sensitive skin $9/18

  • Brightening Powdered Cleanser - Cleanse, smooth and brighten skin with this non-abrasive daily exfoliant featuring an AHA Complex, Niacinamide and Glutathione to accelerate cell turnover, visibly brighten dark spots and protect skin from visible signs of premature aging $50

  • Zinc Oxide Broad Spectrum SPF 38 Sunscreen $14

*Follow us on social media to be ~in the know~ on events, product specials, and holiday kits!*

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